Month: October 2023

Did you know … Teams can automatically record meetings you schedule?

I don’t record all of my meetings — I probably don’t even record most of my meetings. But I schedule the occasional training session. And it really sucks when no one remembers to start recording … and we realize we missed the first fifteen minutes or so. Luckily, Teams has added an option to automatically record a meeting when it starts. No needing to remember to click record. No worrying that no one else thinks to kick off the recording if you are a bit late. When scheduling a meeting through Teams, there are a few settings on the right-hand side of the new meeting form. Simply toggle ‘Record automatically’ to on.


Voila — when I start the meeting, it immediately starts recording.

Cat things

Our cats usually come with me to the poultry pasture in the morning and evening — they patrol the area, climb a tree, and generally do cat things. Last week, Dumplin decided to try the kitchen scraps I put out for the birds.

Evidently that’s become a “cat thing” now too.

Making the Sausage

Anya and I ground a whole bunch of pork today to make sausage — as we ground the pork and fat, I added whole jalapeno peppers to the grinder. I formed sausage patties and made some breakfast sandwiches. Very tasty — although our peppers seem to lose their heat when cooked.