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Future Idea — Anya Job

Scott had a business idea for Anya — mobile concession stand at the park next door. To me, it seems an easy sell in their off-season — have thermoses of hot cocoa and mulled cider. But he was thinking in the summer, selling their ice cream and bottled water.

Easter Dress – Fabric Acquisition

I purchased a pattern for Anya’s Easter dress almost a year ago. I wanted the bodice and outer skirt to be blue with a sparkly white fabric as the inner skirt. I am going to make a booster cushion for Anya, and I needed to add about ten dollars to my order to get free shipping. Fabric keeps ūüôā

We have a bright-ish dark blue for the main fabric, and one of the Michael Miller Fairy Frost glittery fabrics for the inner circle skirt (which will also be used for the sash and bow).

Toddler Closet

I used a tension rod to create a toddler-accessible closet. I plan on raising the bar as she gets taller.

I got hangers that have clips for slacks/skirts, and each hanger holds an outfit. Her pajamas, daily clothes, and gymnastics outfits are all available. Anya *LOVES* having her clothes in her closet.


Owl Backpack – Done!

Anya’s backpack is done! The embroidered eyes turned out really well, and his wings flap a bit as she walks.


I think the piping turned out really well, and the side pockets work well (had a little bag of pretzels in there). I used little push button cord locks — Anya thinks they look like ladybugs. It’d be really cute if they made them in red with black dots to *really* look like ladybugs).


I moved the strap mount points – the bag didn’t sit properly when the straps were attached at the seam between the semi-circle and the rectangle. Moving the straps up to the top seam had the bag hanging nicely off her back.



Pinwheel Dress – Part 1

I’ve started piecing together Anya’s Pinwheel Dress — all of the pieces¬†are cut out, and the strips for the bias tape are sewn together. I’ve got one of the bias strips folded and pressed too — so I was able to affix it to the bottom of the dress layer. Right now, the flounce at the bottom and the bias tape are pinned on so I could visualize the dress. I wanted a really simple white dress with a dark colored bias binding. The binding is a marbled maroon fabric, although that detail is completely lost in the photos. I don’t know that the marbling comes across well in person either –¬†we’ll see.


This is the hemline – both the dress and tunic have a similar hemline. When worn together, they create a two layer flounce.


Here’s a view of the trim with a little better lighting – it’s a¬†maroon fabric with a marbled design on it.


Anya’s Easter Dress

My mom asked me if I’d make a dress for Aisha – she’d buy the pattern and fabric, and I’d provide the labor. It is a really cute pattern,¬†and the size range is incredible. The dress pattern for Aisha’s size 7 dress includes the size 4 that I use for Anya. I figured I’d make the same dress in a different fabric¬†for Anya’s Easter dress¬†to give¬†me some practice using the pattern (and my new serger!!!) before making something to give away.

Looking at the pattern web page,¬†I really liked one of the fabrics pictured. I e-mailed their contact address and immediately was provided a link to the fabric. Bonus, it is on clearance. I looked at the “how much fabric do I need” chart and worked out how much fabric I’d need — rounded up because it’s a fairly large print, and I wanted to have enough fabric to ensure I could get flowers and butterflies visible on the dress.

I printed the pattern — each size is a different layer in the PDF file, so you don’t have a bunch of confusing lines intersecting. Awesome idea, one I hope more pattern designers¬†implement. Once all of the pieces were cut out, I laid the dresses out just to get an idea what they’d look like.


Getting the little sleeve gathered and affixed to the dress took a LOT of pins!


Stitched the front & back together, with the little sleeves sandwiched between the fabric and the lining … turned it right-side-out and we’ve got a dress top.

20160125_214412 20160125_214348

The bottom is a circle skirt – it gets attached to the bodice. I still need to serge the fabrics along the waist seam …¬†other than that, the dress is done!

20160129_003016 20160129_003042

I think it looks awesome. And Anya loves wearing it – dancing around and spinning. And I’ve got her Easter dress ready to go two months early!

Realized, once I was finished, that I literally had enough fabric to make a second size 4 dress. I had added the “dress” yards and the “lining” yards together. D’oh! Feel¬†slightly less silly because my mom did the exact same thing … There’s not enough extra fabric to do both a size 4 and a size 7 … but there’s plenty to make a skirt and the dress. Each girl is going to get a skirt from the other’s left-over fabrics.

The Imaginarium

I am just starting to set up a craft room. I got the DIGNITET curtain wire from Ikea; the fabrics are wrapped around cardboard backing boards used for comic book storage. Each one is hung with two¬†RIKTIG clips. The curtain wire holds a LOT of fabrics. Since the craft room doesn’t get much natural light, I’m not worried about fading. Dust is a concern, though. Next step is to get some containers for my¬†yarn and thread. Anyway, here’s the craft room:

20160116_162606_Bellus Rd


Birthday Cake!

I have no idea what made me decide to make my first ever angel food cake for Anya’s birthday — so many things that¬†could have gone wrong with such a delicate cake. But eh, what’s life without some risk (well, and I could always make a quick carob “wacky” cake).

Whipped the egg whites and castor sugar – along with some hazelnut extract


And then¬†very gently folded in the flour mixture — I used a silicon spatula, and I was rather surprised how fluffy the batter was after adding the flour. I was really worried that it would¬†deflate. The batter is incredibly sweet — it’s basically sugar suspended in whipped egg white and enough flour to keep it¬†together. Uncooked, it¬†tastes a little like spun sugar.


Then I very carefully scooped it into a bundt pan (yeah, wrong kind of pan … but I didn’t have time to get the proper pan posted to me after I realized it wasn’t something you could just buy anywhere). Very gently placed the pan in the oven, and left the vicinity for an hour.


Voila! We got an angel food cake! It is a super sweet cake, but it went very well with the lemon curd (which also used all of those egg yolks left over after making the cake!).


Independence Day Skirt

WooHoo! I finished another sewing project — this one is Anya’s 4th of July skirt. It’s a fabric from Northcott’s Stonehenge Stars & Strips line (20159-30). I think the fabric is not¬†so flag-like that it looks silly on the 364 other days of the year, but it is right festive enough for the holiday.