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Cat Treats – With Pumpkin!

We grew pumpkins last year, and I wanted to make something for the cats too


8 oz cooked tuna
1 egg
1 oz shredded carrot
1 oz cooked pumpkin, mashed
1 oz olive oil
1 pinch catnip
7 oz oat flour

Preheat the oven to 350F

Mix everything except the oat flour together, the slowly stir in the flour to form a dough.

Spread on baking tray about 1/2″ thick & cook for 10-15 minutes. Cut into small rectangles and allow to cool. Serve to happy kittens!

Cat things

Our cats usually come with me to the poultry pasture in the morning and evening — they patrol the area, climb a tree, and generally do cat things. Last week, Dumplin decided to try the kitchen scraps I put out for the birds.

Evidently that’s become a “cat thing” now too.

Barn Cat Freedom Day

Today was the first day our two older kittens got to play outside. They were cautious at first; but, by the evening, they were running across the back patio chasing each other and playing in the grass. When Anya went to bed, they ran up to the patio outside of her room, and they came right inside when she opened the door.

Got ’em

We finally saw the new kittens, well kitten, on the back patio. Anya put a trap out, and the curious little one walked right in. She put another trap out, and we caught the mommy cat too! We’ll get her into the vet shortly, and the barn cats won’t sprout more kittens.

Barn Cats First Trip to the Vet

We took the cats we trapped to the vet to get neutered. They were surprisingly chill in the car — not their favorite activity, but they were quiet and looking around as we drove. Dropped them off at a low cost / feral clinic in the morning, and we picked them all up a little after 4PM.

Each kitten has two days of pain killers & need to limit their activity. A neighbor will be taking the other gray kitten (the one we call Pebbles), but Ash and Fritter will be staying inside for a few more weeks so we can take them for a booster shot next month.

They are both recovering well so far — Fritter ended up having an incision in his belly, too, so Ash is recovering quicker. But they’re both happy to curl up together and nap.