Month: March 2015


And we are almost done with the Easter dress (just in time too)!


I had quite a time making the straps. Trying to turn the right side out, I wouldn’t get the layers right and ended up with two tubes sewn together at the seam. I finally stitched the two fabrics around a metal straw and then pushed the fabric through the straw. That worked surprisingly well.

I still want to make a wider belt, but the only thing that *needs* to be done is stitching the straps in place. They are pinned, at the moment, so I could get the proper length.

Too bad it will be so cold on Easter day – we’ll need sweaters!

Easter Dress

The front cover of the latest Chasing Fireflies catalog had this 225$ dress. Beautiful dress, but the price is outrageous. So I decided to order the fabrics and make something similar – a circle skirt with a spaghetti strapped fitted bodice.

First we used a trammel to draw a really big circle and cut it out — I used that to cut the yellow satin and the lace.


The circle skirt and lace:


The entire thing basted together and halfway on Anya so I can see how it fits:


I still need to sew up the bodice and make the shoulder straps, but I’m about 75% done with weeks to go.