Month: November 2015

Same word, different meaning

I issue a lot of certificates from our internal company certificate authority – they’re free, and since I can publish trusted root signers out to the domain, they’re trusted to anyone who would be using the site. You can type pseudo-random values into your request and my CA will issue a certificate for you.
Today, though, I needed a certificate for a site that would be used by non-employees. People who are not subject to my domain GPO. People who do not trust my CA. So I did what everyone else does – got a real certificate ­čÖé
I generated my CSR (and actually typed in good data – my server is in Conway, AR, USA type location instead of Z or A). Went out to Verisign’s site … “The CSR contains an invalid state. Please click your browser’s Back button and enter a new CSR.”
Thought the CSR might have gotten corrupted somehow, so I tried again. Same result. Tried some different information – same result. Finally resorted to reading the instructions – locality names┬ámay not contain abbreviations.┬áD’oh. State like┬áorganized political community┬ánot state like┬ácondition.


We finally made the apple monsters. I wanted to make these for Halloween (figured it would be a nice ‘treat’ without being a sugar overload). It’s just an apple cut in thirds with an extra little bit cut out. Smeared peanut butter in the cut, then set a piece of sliced strawberry in there. Dabbed a little bit of peanut butter above the ‘mouth’ and then set a carob chip onto each of the dabs. Voila, a cute little apple monster. Or for a nut-free version, check here.