Month: June 2024

Black Raspberry Coulis

To go with our smoked lamb, I made a coulis with maple syrup and black raspberries Anya picked and froze last year. Easy recipe — a pint of black raspberries (thawed) and about 1/3 cup of maple syrup (this would be a “to taste” kind of thing!). Boil for about ten minutes to break down the berries a bit, run it all through a blender, then use fine mesh cloth to strain out the seeds. It will set up as a jam once it cools, but it’s a nice sauce to drizzle over food whilst it is still hot.


We smoked a brisket and lamb shoulder this weekend — basic salt & pepper rub, smoked with fruit wood, then brought inside to finish cooking. We’re going to order some butcher paper to see what that’s like because wrapping it always gets the bark soggy!

Hazelnuts – 2024

The hazelnuts are just starting to form — it looks like we’ve got nuts developing on the newer plants on the north side too. As far as propagating plants, I’ve pretty well established that dropping a woody cutting in willow water doesn’t work. Dropping a green cutting in water doesn’t work. Next, I’m going to try a green cutting in soil and air layering. I’ve found a few places online that say air layering worked … even if it looks a little odd having bundles of soil wrapped around the branches of your shrubbery.