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Hazelnuts – 2024

The hazelnuts are just starting to form — it looks like we’ve got nuts developing on the newer plants on the north side too. As far as propagating plants, I’ve pretty well established that dropping a woody cutting in willow water doesn’t work. Dropping a green cutting in water doesn’t work. Next, I’m going to try a green cutting in soil and air layering. I’ve found a few places online that say air layering worked … even if it looks a little odd having bundles of soil wrapped around the branches of your shrubbery.

Hazelnut Progress

The hazelnut that I’ve been photographing all summer is almost ripe:

We’ve found 44 hazelnuts so far — they’re sitting out to dry. There were two really green nuts that fell — I kept those too, just to see if they’d finish ripening inside. So far, they’re browning up surprisingly well

And all of the hazelnut bushes are getting ready for next year — hopefully we’ll get loads of nuts!

Hazelnut Pollen

A few years after we planted our hazelnuts, I was eagerly awaiting the time when they would have pollen-y bits. Except I couldn’t find anything online about what I was looking for. We did, finally, see the developed bits over the winter … but, this year, I can actually see them starting to develop in late July.