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Peanut Butter Fence

We got the peanut butter fence up on the farm — Scott and Anya attached the metal strips, and I smeared the with peanut butter. Since they are connected to an electric fence line, the idea is that a deer will lick at the peanut butter (evidently something they really like) and get an unpleasant jolt. It’s a solar energizer, so not too unpleasant. But enough for them to think “I’m gonna go eat this other green leafy stuff!”.

More Sprouts (and chicken chow!)

The tomato plants are starting to get big — still a few weeks before we can plant them outside, but we have plenty of healthy plants.

I had basically given up on the asparagus (they were older seeds), but I finally have five plants sprouted — this is part of my endeavor to get more plant once / harvest yearly stuff growing.  

And then there’s the chicken chow — this is Bocking 14 comfrey. It doesn’t go to seed, but provides a high-protein leafy food for chickens and turkeys.