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Lots of corn

We picked the rest of our sweet corn today — these weren’t the best (or most fully pollinated) cobs like we picked to blanch and freeze. These were all the rest, which we will use to make creamed corn tomorrow. We got two big steamer trays overflowing with corn. Enough that Anya and I called Scott for a ride up to the house after we harvested it. We walked about twenty feet with our two duffel bags stuffed with corn and said “break!”.

Hazelnut Progress

The hazelnut that I’ve been photographing all summer is almost ripe:

We’ve found 44 hazelnuts so far — they’re sitting out to dry. There were two really green nuts that fell — I kept those too, just to see if they’d finish ripening inside. So far, they’re browning up surprisingly well

And all of the hazelnut bushes are getting ready for next year — hopefully we’ll get loads of nuts!