Category: Nature

Indigo Bunting

I like watching the goldfinches eating the ornamental grass seeds. Today, though, this blue bird showed up too. Looking up small blue birds, we found a rare blue bird native to, like, Venezuela … seemed rather surprising to see one here. And then I scrolled to the next small blue bird — the Indigo Bunting — which is fairly common and native to our area. So … yeah, I’m going to go with Indigo Bunting.

First Robins of 2022

I saw the first robins today, but I was not able to get a picture 🙁 A whole flock were perched in the sumac tree along the ridgeline by our chicken coop — I presume pecking through the last seeds still sticking to the tree. They flew away seconds after I registered the colouring and thought “hey, robins!”.

Frog Rescue

Anya rescued a frog today. It had rained overnight, and the frog somehow hopped on top of our chicken tractor. It got stuck in the screen that covers the top of the tractor. Anya managed to pick up the frog, and she carried it back to our pond. It hopped out of her hands when they were close to the pond.