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VSCode Keyboard Shortcuts

Scott accidentally hit the wrong key combination when attempting to comment out a block of code and brought up some clipboard viewer; and, in attempting to identify what he hit, I came across published keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Linux (I still haven’t found the key combo he hit, so I suspect he hit a desktop manager shortcut). There are a few time savers in the list:

  • Alt in combination with the up/down arrow keys moves the current line up or down
  • Shift+alt in combination with the up/down arrow keys will create a copy of the current line up or down
  • You do not need to select a line to copy/cut — using Ctrl+c or Ctrl+x with no selection will copy/cut the entire current line
  • Ctrl+K followed by the letter P copies the path to the active file
  • Ctrl+K followed by the letter R opens a new file explorer window to the location of the active file
  • Shift+Alt in combination with the letter i activates a ‘multiple cursor’ mode. Each line selected when you use the shortcut will get a cursor at the end of it

And whatever you type will be duplicated at each cursor. To leave multi-cursor mode, simply click elsewhere within the document — you’ll have one cursor where you clicked.

If you want multiple cursors on discontiguous lines, hold the Alt key as you click — a cursor will appear each location you click (not at the end of the line where you have clicked, literally the location at which you clicked — including multiple cursors per line.) If you add a cursor in the wrong location, click it again to clear that cursor.

VS Code Keyboard Shortcut: Commenting

We’ve been watching Microsoft’s Python programming course series — only the first couple so far, so it’s a lot of “yeah, knew that”. *But* there’s the occasional cool tip. You can comment line(s) of code with a keyboard shortcut:

Ctrl k,c comment current line (or selection)
Ctrl k,u uncomment current line (or selection)


Highlight the section of code that you want to comment out.

Hit ctrl-k and then ctrl-c … voila, a whole section of commented code. Denoting a comment is language specific, so this does not do anything if VS Code has not yet identified the language for your file.

To remove comments, use ctrl-k then ctrl-u. This works with code that already includes comments – you’ll get an additional comment in front of the commented line, and that additional comment will be removed leaving a commented line.

VSCode Tab Key Not Working

Tab suddenly stop tabbing in VSCode? Try hitting ctrl+m — evidently there’s another ‘mode’ for the tab key where it changes focus instead of tabbing. Very cool and useful when used deliberately. Very “huh?!?!” when you accidentally hit ctrl+m 🙂

From https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/getstarted/keybindings

Ctrl+M Toggle Use of Tab Key for Setting Focus editor.action.toggleTabFocusMode

Of course if that wasn’t your problem … focus mode is turned on now & you’ll want to hit ctrl+m again to change back to tab mode!