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Restarting Ford 2110 After Running Out Of Diesel

We found a lot of instructions online for restarting a tractor after running out of diesel. It boils down to following the fuel line out of the tank and bleeding everything. The bleed screw on the fuel filter was pretty obvious. The injectors were obvious. But the middle one … not so much. Figured I’d put a picture for anyone else who has the bad fortune to run out of fuel in their tractor. After bleeding air from the fuel filter, move on to this screw. From there, move to the injectors. Voila, the tractor goes vroom again.



It’s been an adventure, but the tractor is finally home! We went out yesterday to drive it home, but a leaky hydraulic system squashed that idea. Today, we got a trailer (had to run home and get the right plug for the back of the pickup), drove out, and trailered the tractor home. That was quite an adventure — I couldn’t imagine trying to drive a tractor that distance!