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A Bird in your pocket?

I had clothes drying on the line, and Anya grabbed them just before sunset. She quickly tossed everything into a basket and brought it into the house. A short time later, I got the clothes out of the basket to fold. I took out a pair of Scott’s jeans and … out flies this little bird! No idea how she got in there, and I’m really glad she didn’t seem to be hurt in any way. We turned off all the interior lights, opened the front door, and turned out the outside light. A little following her around and trying to persuade her to go in the right direction and swoop, she flew outside.

Restarting Ford 2110 After Running Out Of Diesel

We found a lot of instructions online for restarting a tractor after running out of diesel. It boils down to following the fuel line out of the tank and bleeding everything. The bleed screw on the fuel filter was pretty obvious – Philips head screwdriver, open it up, let it bubble until fuel flows, then lock it down. The injectors were obvious — and I need to check what size wrench we used. But the middle one … not so much. Figured I’d put a picture for anyone else who has the bad fortune to run out of fuel in their tractor. After bleeding air from the fuel filter, move on to this screw. An 11/16″ wrench to loosen the bolt head and a flat-head screwdriver. From there, move to the injectors. Voila, the tractor goes vroom again.



We watched the eclipse — it was surprising how much energy the sun puts off when the moon is mostly covering it!

But we had the totality for just under four minutes, and it was dark … and “sunrise” was everywhere.

Big Bear Valley Eagle Eggs

Since “they” said the first egg was no longer viable on the 7th of March, we wondered when the rest of the eggs would be non-viable … looks like this weekend and Tuesday. Bummer, because we were hoping to see some baby eagles! Ash gets transfixed when there’s a bird on the TV.

Egg Egg Laid Hatch Date Nonviable Date
1st 26 Jan 2024 1 Mar 2024 7 Mar 2024
2nd 28 Jan 2024 3 Mar 2024 9 Mar 2024
3rd 31 Jan 2024 6 Mar 2024 12 Mar 2024

AI Personas

I’ve seen people have a bit of fun with AI personas — pre-prompts that say “be a pirate” or something similarly silly, but you can use the personas to gear answers toward yourself as the target audience too — deeply technical or “explain it like I’m five”.

Although the AI takes “like I am 5” a little too literally — don’t need smart little elves or castles.

The technical pre-prompt, though, avoids getting high level basic facts that you already know.