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Hazelnut Progress

The hazelnut that I’ve been photographing all summer is almost ripe:

We’ve found 44 hazelnuts so far — they’re sitting out to dry. There were two really green nuts that fell — I kept those too, just to see if they’d finish ripening inside. So far, they’re browning up surprisingly well

And all of the hazelnut bushes are getting ready for next year — hopefully we’ll get loads of nuts!

Musing on natural resources

“Any natural resource not used was wealth wasted” — it’s a quote I read in a book, and both a phrase and an ideology that I’ve been musing on. It’s an intersection of capitalism and empirical science — whilst it is difficult to ascribe a value to a “resource at rest”, there is an empirical measurement of that resources value once it is extracted and sold.



We got two blinds from Tidwe that zip together and form a double-size blind … three sides of the blind are “see through” fabric. If you focus on the fabric (like my camera does), you really see it … but, focusing farther out it looks like you are looking through a screen window. It’s nice, shady, and really cool to sit in the middle of nature and observe.