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KDE Dolphin — Unable to Move Files and Folders

Scott was trying to move some backup files from /a/path/to/backup to /a/path/to-a-different/backup — he’s using Dolphin & has a tab open to each of the folders in question. He chown’d /a/path to his account, chmod’d /a/path so user can read and write. But using the copy/paste option … nothing happens.

I came across a few old (and closed) bugs that seemed to produce errors in this same situation — but the reporters were able to perform their copy/move operations when they used the same tab instead of having one folder open in each tab. It worked … inexplicable, but we have success!

Increasing message text size in Evolution

Evolution has the most microscopic text. Scott literally picks his computer up sometimes just so he can read the message. You get a lot of text on the screen … I guess. But it’s not really useful if you cannot read it.

(1) There’s a system-wide default font in KDE. Under the Fonts, there are setting for “small”, “toolbar”, “menu”, “window title” … they seem to default to 10 points (8 for small). That’s rather small on a high-resolution monitor.

(2) In Evolution, select Edit > Preferences
Select Mail Preferences from the left sidebar. Untick the box “Use the same fonts as other applications” and then pick a bigger font. This only changes the message text — the from/subject/date and folder structure are still using the system font.

Network Manager GUI

You can use nmcli to configure network interfaces controlled by NetworkManager. But, honestly, I don’t see any advantage to learning the cryptic CLI instead of using the cryptic config file stuff I’ve already learned. And yet … I need my server to have /etc/resolv.conf populated when it reboots. So I figured out how to launch the KDE system settings (assuming you’ve got the X display redirected to your host) — systemsettings5

Mine takes a few minutes to render, during which time the window is black and a handful of errors are written out to the console. But it got there eventually, and I was able to edit the network interface.