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A few of the books I got for Anya are introductions to programming — Python, C++, and this GUI block-based system called Scratch. She likes using Python because Scott and I use it, but she absolutely adores Scratch. She has A Beginner’s Guide To Coding (Marc Scott) that I picked up from Book Outlet (I get a bonus 10$ when someone uses my referral link) for a couple of bucks. We’ve got a studio of our games online, and she’s excited to share the games with family members.

Tricks we’ve leaned so far:

  • The UI will not match a book written a few years ago ūüôā This reminded me a bit of the “Internet Directory” book I had in 1994 … an obviously silly concept today, but a completely reasonable thing in 1994 when a decent bit of the content was still modem numbers. A book about a UI … it’s a good base — providing great first projects. But it took Anya a little while to accept that, while the book quite clearly told her to click an icon that looked like this … in the intervening 18-24 months, the UI had changed. How did I know this is what you click now? I mean, other than the fact it goes into the thing that has the same function as the one your book describes? A good guess!
  • You can create variables with the same name. I am certain they are assigned some underlying UID that you never see, but if you have two variables named ‘score’ and the score doesn’t seem to be incrementing … look at your variable list.
  • Variable scope of “this sprite” and “all sprites” is straight-forward until you create clones. “This sprite” means “this clone of a sprite”. We had a “all sprites” variable for speed and all of the clones will change speed each time a new clone pops in. This is cool if it’s what you want to do. I’ve also created variables scoped to “this sprite” to build clones that move at different speeds.
  • You cannot, unfortunately, change a variable’s scope after you create it. You need to make a new one.
  • The “glide” motion isn’t good for sensing collision. While the glide is in progress, that’s the block that is executing. Anya has a game where a crab collects crystals while avoiding divers which uses the fact you cannot check if Thing1 is touching Thing2. The grab can move through gliding divers with impunity. If you want to detect collisions, use a loop where the X and Y coordinates are changed in small increments instead of glide. Technically, there’s no collision detection while my X coordinate is changing, but that’s such a brief time interval that you cannot effectively avoid bumping into the other sprite while it moves.

  • You can avoid the sprite being moved off of the screen to avoid collision by adding a bounce when the sprite is on the edge.

  • You need to zero out your variables when the green flag is pressed, otherwise replaying the game by clicking the green flag again produces really strange behavior (you’ve already won or lost)
  • Fractions can be used in places where they have integer examples. Specifically, you can pause for fractional seconds.
  • When using clones, hide the “base” sprite that exists in the ‘when green flag clicked’ instantiation; use a ‘show’ in the ‘when I start as a clone’ block. Otherwise you have one sprite sitting at the edge of the screen

  • “My Blocks” is used to build functions. In Anya’s Simon Says… game, we use the pseudorandom number generator to select “Simon’s” instructions and call a block based on the generated number.

Filtering HTML Drop-down

I‚Äôve got a few drop-downs that I‚Äôve added filtering on the drop-down ‚Äď start typing and you‚Äôll see the options that match your string. But I needed to mirror an application functionality where you select a category and are then presented with a list of options that fit the category.

Here’s the drop-down selector for the categories

    echo "      <div class=\"row\">\n";
    echo "          <div class=\"col-md-12 col-sm-12 col-lg-12 col-xs-12\">\n";
    echo "              <div class=\"row\">\n";
    echo "                  <div class=\"row\">\n";
    echo "                      <div class=\"col-md-2 col-sm-2 col-lg-2 col-xs-2 text-left\">\n";
    echo "                          <span><strong>Location Category:</strong></span>\n";
    echo "                      </div>\n";
    echo "                      <div class=\"col-md-10 col-sm-10 col-lg-10 col-xs-10 text-left form-group\">\n";
    echo "                          <select name=\"strLocCategory\" id=\"strLocCategory\" readonly/>&nbsp;\n";
    echo "                              <option class=\"NoSelection\" value=\"-----\">-----</option>\n";
    echo "                              <option class=\"Building\" value=\"201\">BUILDING</option>\n";
    echo "                              <option class=\"NonBuilding\" value=\"202\">NONBUILDING</option>\n";
    echo "                              <option class=\"Switching\" value=\"203\">SWITCHING</option>\n";
    echo "                              <option class=\"NonSwitching\" value=\"204\">NONSWITCHING</option>\n";
    echo "                              <option class=\"MiscSwitching\" value=\"205\">MISC SWITCHING</option>\n";
    echo "                              <option class=\"IntlSwitching\" value=\"206\">INTL SWITCHING</option>\n";
    echo "                              <option class=\"Switchboard\" value=\"207\">SWITCHBOARD</option>\n";
    echo "                              <option class=\"Customer\" value=\"208\">CUSTOMER</option>\n";
    echo "                              <option class=\"Room\" value=\"209\">ROOM</option>\n";
    echo "                              <option class=\"Other\" value=\"210\">OTHER</option>\n";
    echo "                          </select>\n";
    echo "                      </div>\n";
    echo "                  </div>\n";

And here’s the drop-down selector I want to filter based on category — there are a lot of options. The class for each option includes the category selectors that will include the option in the drop-down.

    echo "      <div class=\"row\">\n";
    echo "          <div class=\"col-md-12 col-sm-12 col-lg-12 col-xs-12\">\n";
    echo "              <div class=\"row\">\n";
    echo "                  <div class=\"row\">\n";
    echo "                      <div class=\"col-md-2 col-sm-2 col-lg-2 col-xs-2 text-left\">\n";
    echo "                          <span><strong>Location Type ID:</strong></span>\n";
    echo "                      </div>\n";
    echo "                      <div class=\"col-md-10 col-sm-10 col-lg-10 col-xs-10 text-left form-group\">\n";
    echo "                          <select name=\"strLocTypeID\" id=\"strLocTypeID\" readonly/>&nbsp;\n";
    echo " <option value=\"-----\" class=\"selectors All\">-----</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"101\" class=\"selectors Building\">Building</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1275\" class=\"selectors Building\">BUILDING</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1069\" class=\"selectors Building\">CABINET</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1071\" class=\"selectors Building\">CARRIER COLLO</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1072\" class=\"selectors Building\">CARRIER HOTEL</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1073\" class=\"selectors Building\">CARRIER PREM</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1074\" class=\"selectors Building\">CELL SITE</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1075\" class=\"selectors Building\">CENTRAL OFFICE</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1076\" class=\"selectors Building\">CEV</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1077\" class=\"selectors Building\">CUE</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1078\" class=\"selectors Building\">CUSTOMER PREM</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1079\" class=\"selectors Building\">COMMUNITY DIAL OFFICE</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1080\" class=\"selectors Building\">Customer Site</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1081\" class=\"selectors Building\">DATA CENTER</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1082\" class=\"selectors Building\">DIGITAL LOOP CARRIER</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1083\" class=\"selectors Building\">HUT</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1084\" class=\"selectors Building\">IRU COLLO</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1085\" class=\"selectors Building\">IRU HUT</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1086\" class=\"selectors Building\">KDL POP</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1087\" class=\"selectors Building\">METRONET</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1088\" class=\"selectors Building\">MTSO</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1089\" class=\"selectors Building\">MULTI-TENANT</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1090\" class=\"selectors Building\">OTHER</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1091\" class=\"selectors Building\">REGEN</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1092\" class=\"selectors Building\">REMOTE</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1093\" class=\"selectors Building\">SCHOOL</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1094\" class=\"selectors Building\">SITE</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1095\" class=\"selectors Building\">WIRELESS SITE</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1096\" class=\"selectors Building\">WXN BUILDING</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1097\" class=\"selectors Building\">WXN HUT</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1098\" class=\"selectors Building\">WXN LEASED SUITE</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1099\" class=\"selectors Building\">TESTING</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1381\" class=\"selectors Building\">Regen</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"192\" class=\"selectors Customer\">End User</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1276\" class=\"selectors Customer\">END USER</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1100\" class=\"selectors Customer\">VENDOR/CUSTOMER LOCATION</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"191\" class=\"selectors Customer\">CUSTOMER LOCATION</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1347\" class=\"selectors IntlSwitching\">ONE-WAY INCOMING SWITCH TO A PABX NETWRK</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1348\" class=\"selectors IntlSwitching\">LOCAL TRANSIT OFFICE</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1349\" class=\"selectors IntlSwitching\">COMBINED DDI AND LOCAL TRANSIT OFF</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1350\" class=\"selectors IntlSwitching\">COMBINED LOCAL TRANSIT, END OFFICE</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1107\" class=\"selectors IntlSwitching\">Remote Tandem and Multi-Function EO</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1352\" class=\"selectors IntlSwitching\">REMOTE TANDEM AND MULTI-FUNCTION EO</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1353\" class=\"selectors IntlSwitching\">INDIVIDUAL REMOTE TANDEM</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1104\" class=\"selectors IntlSwitching\">Individual Remote Tandem</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1351\" class=\"selectors IntlSwitching\">INCOMING SWITCH TO A PAGING NETWORK</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1366\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">ANNOUNCEMENT MACHINE</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1306\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">OTHER SWITCHING TERM ENTITIES INCL IMTS</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1110\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">Automatic Intercept System : FAS</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1116\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">Gateway-- Trunk</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1117\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">Gateway--Line/Access</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1118\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">Gateway-Access (Gnx)</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1120\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">Gateway-Trunk (GTx,GRx)</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1123\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">Message Trunk Interface</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1134\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">Time Distributor</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1135\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">Weather Distributor</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1225\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">Announcement machine</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1232\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">Overflow for X (a) X and (x) MD</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1233\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">Overflow for X(x)X X(x)Y (x)MD</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1396\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">Message Trunk Interface - (x)MD</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1227\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">IXC POT</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1229\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">MESSAGE TRUNK INTERFACE OVERFLOW</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1412\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">NETWORK TERMINATION INTERFACE</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1413\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">PACKET TANDEM SWITCH</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1404\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">GATEWAY - Trunk Gateway GT(x)   or GR(x)</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1475\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">Trunk Gateway</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1477\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">Line/Access Gateway</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1108\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">Announcement Machine</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1111\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">Centrex (Central Office)</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1113\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">DISTRIBUTORS</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1114\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">Emergency (911 Service)</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1119\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">SIGNALING GATEWAY</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1124\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">MESSAGE TRUNK INTERFACE</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1126\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">OPTICAL LINE TERMINATOR</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1127\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">Other Distributors</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1128\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">Other Switching term entities incl IMTS</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1129\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">Overflow Code X(x)Y</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1130\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">Overflow Code X(x)Z</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1435\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">TRUNK GATEWAY</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1437\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">LINE/ACCESS GATEWAY</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1255\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">TRUNK GATEWAY</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1263\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">LINE/ACCESS GATEWAY</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1295\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">CENTREX (CENTRAL OFFICE)</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1296\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">AUTOMATIC DISTRIBUTOR</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1297\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">TIME DISTRIBUTOR</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1298\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">WEATHER DISTRIBUTOR</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1299\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">OTHER DISTRIBUTORS</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1300\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">EMERGENCY (911 SERVICE)</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1301\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">AUTOMATIC INTERCEPT SYSTEM : FAS</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1302\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">COMBINED OPERATOR, TROUBLE, M/C INTERCEP</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1303\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">POSITION LINK FRAME</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1304\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">RATE AND QUOTE SYSTEM</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1305\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">TSPS COMMON CONTROL UNIT</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1109\" class=\"selectors MiscSwitching\">Automatic Distributor</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1354\" class=\"selectors NonBuilding\">BOUNDARY</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1151\" class=\"selectors NonBuilding\">Repeater Housing</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1356\" class=\"selectors NonBuilding\">JUNCTION</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1357\" class=\"selectors NonBuilding\">MANHOLE</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1358\" class=\"selectors NonBuilding\">POLE</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1359\" class=\"selectors NonBuilding\">RADIO</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1360\" class=\"selectors NonBuilding\">REPEATER</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1361\" class=\"selectors NonBuilding\">TOLL STATION</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1362\" class=\"selectors NonBuilding\">OTHER</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1363\" class=\"selectors NonBuilding\">NON-BELLCORE CUSTOMER NONBUILDING LOC</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1368\" class=\"selectors NonBuilding\">CABINET</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1136\" class=\"selectors NonBuilding\">Boundary</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1137\" class=\"selectors NonBuilding\">Cabinet</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1140\" class=\"selectors NonBuilding\">End Point</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1144\" class=\"selectors NonBuilding\">Junction</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1145\" class=\"selectors NonBuilding\">Manhole</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1149\" class=\"selectors NonBuilding\">Radio</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1230\" class=\"selectors NonBuilding\">Other</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1386\" class=\"selectors NonBuilding\">PEDESTAL</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1138\" class=\"selectors NonBuilding\">CELL TOWER</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1139\" class=\"selectors NonBuilding\">DO_NOT_USE</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1141\" class=\"selectors NonBuilding\">FIBER NODE</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1142\" class=\"selectors NonBuilding\">HANDHOLE</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1143\" class=\"selectors NonBuilding\">Hut</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1146\" class=\"selectors NonBuilding\">Non-Bellcore customer nonbuilding loc</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1147\" class=\"selectors NonBuilding\">PAD</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1148\" class=\"selectors NonBuilding\">Pole</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1150\" class=\"selectors NonBuilding\">Repeater</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1355\" class=\"selectors NonBuilding\">END POINT</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1346\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">TEST OR SERVICE POSITION</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1364\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">PAIR GAIN CENTRAL OFFICE TERMINAL EQMT</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1367\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">FACILITY/CIRCUIT POI</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1156\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">Administrative Entities</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1163\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">Exchange Switchroom</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1166\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">Facility/Circuit POI (Wxx)</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1168\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">Facility/Circuit Point of Interface -POI</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1169\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">Frames (all types)</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1170\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">Maintenance Group</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1171\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">Misc Non-switching Entities</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1172\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">Miscellaneous Optical Eqmt</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1179\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">Radio Tower collocated on building</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1183\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">Service Center</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1185\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">Software Cross-connectable entities</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1187\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">Test or Service Position</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1188\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">Toll Test Room (or Board)</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1235\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">Misc Non-Switching Entities</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1377\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">Session Border Controller - BS(n)</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1389\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">Misc Optical Equip</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1394\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">Facility/Circuit POI - W(x)(x)</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1226\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">IC POT FOR FAC/CKT TERMINATING EQUIPMENT</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1234\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">REMOTE LINE - RT LINE SIDE</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1382\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">Remote Line Entity- RL(n) and RL(a)</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1399\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">Customer Prem Equip - N(x)(x)</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1400\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">REPEATER/REGENERATOR</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1405\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">PROCESSOR/SERVER GROUPING</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1409\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">Miscellaneous Optical Equip - O(n)(x)</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1411\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">ECHO CANCELLER</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1419\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">Processor/Server Grouping D(n)(n)</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1407\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">H(x)(x) - ILEC Misc NonSwitching Entity</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1418\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">Misc Optical Equip - O(x)(x)</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1476\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">Call Agent/MSC Server</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1436\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">CALL AGENT/MSC SERVER</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1154\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">ACI CELL SITE</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1155\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">ACCESS SERVICE TERMINATION</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1157\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">BASE STATION/RADIO EQUIPMENT</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1159\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">Concentrator</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1160\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">Customer Premises Equipment</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1162\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">DISTRIBUTION NODE (CABLE TV)</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1173\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">MISCELLANEOUS OPTICAL EQUIPMENT</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1174\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">Pair Gain Central Office Terminal Eqmt</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1175\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">PERSONNEL SUPPORT CENTERS OAM&amp;P</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1176\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">Processor (Applique) Grouping</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1177\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">Processor/Server Grouping</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1178\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">REMOTE LINE TERMINATION</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1182\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">SONET NODE</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1184\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">SESSION BORDER CONTROLLER/BORDER ELEMENT</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1256\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">CALL AGENT/MSC SERVER</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1284\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">ADMINISTRATIVE ENTITIES (SCP)</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1285\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">PROCESSOR (APPLIQUE) GROUPING</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1286\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">EXCHANGE SWITCHROOM</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1287\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">FRAMES (ALL TYPES)</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1288\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">MISC NON-SWITCHING ENTITIES</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1289\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">SOFTWARE CROSS-CONNECTABLE ENTITIES</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1290\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">MAINTENANCE GROUP</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1291\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">CUSTOMER PREMISES EQUIPMENT</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1292\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">RADIO TOWER COLOCATED ON BUILDING</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1293\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">SERVICE CENTER</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1294\" class=\"selectors NonSwitching\">TOLL TEST ROOM (OR BOARD)</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1190\" class=\"selectors Other\">Acc Ckt Term in a LEC Centrex by an IC</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1282\" class=\"selectors Other\">ACC CKT TERM IN A LEC CENTREX BY AN IC</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1198\" class=\"selectors Other\">IXC</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1200\" class=\"selectors Other\">MD Overflow</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1202\" class=\"selectors Other\">Overflow for X (a) X and (x) MD</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1203\" class=\"selectors Other\">Overflow for X(x)X X(x)Y (x)MD</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1281\" class=\"selectors Other\">OVERFLOW FOR X(X)X X(X)Y (X)MD</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1383\" class=\"selectors Other\">CONCENTRATOR</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1384\" class=\"selectors Other\">BTI COLO IN LEC/IXC POP</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1385\" class=\"selectors Other\">CUSTOMER COLO IN BTI POP</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1191\" class=\"selectors Other\">CAGELESS COLO</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1192\" class=\"selectors Other\">CUSTOMER COLO</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1193\" class=\"selectors Other\">DEDICATED CPE</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1194\" class=\"selectors Other\">FICTITIOUS CARRIER ETHERNET ROUTER</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1196\" class=\"selectors Other\">ILEC</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1197\" class=\"selectors Other\">IXC POT</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1199\" class=\"selectors Other\">LEC CONSORTIUM SERVING AS A POT</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1201\" class=\"selectors Other\">OCC</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1204\" class=\"selectors Other\">PHYSICAL COLO</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1205\" class=\"selectors Other\">POINT OF PRESENCE</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1206\" class=\"selectors Other\">REGENERATOR</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1207\" class=\"selectors Other\">TERMINAL</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1208\" class=\"selectors Other\">VIRTUAL COLO</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1278\" class=\"selectors Other\">IC POT FOR FAC/CKT TERMINATING EQUIPMENT</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1279\" class=\"selectors Other\">MESSAGE TRUNK INTERFACE OVERFLOW</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1280\" class=\"selectors Other\">OVERFLOW FOR X (A) X AND (X) MD</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1195\" class=\"selectors Other\">IC POT for Fac/Ckt Terminating Equipment</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"193\" class=\"selectors Room\">Room</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1277\" class=\"selectors Room\">ROOM</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1210\" class=\"selectors Room\">GROOMS</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1307\" class=\"selectors Switchboard\">CAMA BOARD</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1023\" class=\"selectors Switchboard\">TSPS Board</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1309\" class=\"selectors Switchboard\">COMBINED TOLL, DSA AND CAMA</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1310\" class=\"selectors Switchboard\">DIRECTORY ASST (INFORMATION)</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1311\" class=\"selectors Switchboard\">INTERCEPT BOARD</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1312\" class=\"selectors Switchboard\">COMBINED DIR ASST, INTERCEPT AND COMPLET</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1313\" class=\"selectors Switchboard\">INWARD TOLL BOARD</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1314\" class=\"selectors Switchboard\">MANUAL SWITCHBOARD</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1315\" class=\"selectors Switchboard\">OVERSEAS TOLL BOARD</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1316\" class=\"selectors Switchboard\">RATE AND ROUTE DESK</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1317\" class=\"selectors Switchboard\">SERVICE OBSERVING SWITCHBOARD</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1318\" class=\"selectors Switchboard\">SPCL: CONF, MOBILE, MARINE SOST</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1319\" class=\"selectors Switchboard\">TELECONFERENCE BOARD</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1320\" class=\"selectors Switchboard\">TEL COMPANY PBX (OFFICIAL)</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1321\" class=\"selectors Switchboard\">TOPS SYSTEM</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1322\" class=\"selectors Switchboard\">TSPS BOARD</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1323\" class=\"selectors Switchboard\">TRAFFIC SERVICE POSITION (UNIVERSAL TSP)</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1324\" class=\"selectors Switchboard\">OTHER SWITCHBOARD AND DESK ENTITIES</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1345\" class=\"selectors Switchboard\">TOLL BOARD (THROUGH, OUTWARD)</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1022\" class=\"selectors Switchboard\">TOPS System</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1308\" class=\"selectors Switchboard\">DIAL SERVICE ASSISTANCE BOARD</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1030\" class=\"selectors Switching\">CALL AGENT/MSC SERVER</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1033\" class=\"selectors Switching\">End Office - Crossbar</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1034\" class=\"selectors Switching\">End Office - Electronic Analog</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1035\" class=\"selectors Switching\">End Office - Electronic Digital</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1036\" class=\"selectors Switching\">End Office - NXX Entity</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1037\" class=\"selectors Switching\">End Office - Packet</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1041\" class=\"selectors Switching\">PACKET FRAME RELAY SWITCH</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1042\" class=\"selectors Switching\">IXC POT</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1043\" class=\"selectors Switching\">MOBILE/SWITCHING (MTSO)</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1046\" class=\"selectors Switching\">OPTICAL SWITCH</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1047\" class=\"selectors Switching\">PACKET END OFFICE</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1048\" class=\"selectors Switching\">PACKET TANDEM SWITCH</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1052\" class=\"selectors Switching\">REMOTE PACKET END OFFICE</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1055\" class=\"selectors Switching\">SWITCH</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1068\" class=\"selectors Switching\">WIRELESS/CELLULAR</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1325\" class=\"selectors Switching\">END OFFICE - CROSSBAR</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1326\" class=\"selectors Switching\">END OFFICE - STEP-BY-STEP</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1327\" class=\"selectors Switching\">END OFFICE - ELECTRONIC ANALOG</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1328\" class=\"selectors Switching\">END OFFICE - ELECTRONIC DIGITAL</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1329\" class=\"selectors Switching\">END OFFICE - REMOTE SWITCHING SYSTEMS</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1330\" class=\"selectors Switching\">END OFFICE - NXX ENTITY</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1331\" class=\"selectors Switching\">TANDEM OFFICE - INDIVIDUAL TANDEM</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1332\" class=\"selectors Switching\">TANDEM OFFICE - TANDEM/TANDEM</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1333\" class=\"selectors Switching\">TANDEM OFFICE - TANDEM/SWITCHBOARD</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1334\" class=\"selectors Switching\">TANDEM OFFICE - OPR SVC TANDEM/END OFFIC</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1335\" class=\"selectors Switching\">TANDEM OFFICE - ELEC TANDEM PVT NETWORK</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1336\" class=\"selectors Switching\">MULTI-FUNCTION - COMBINATION SWITCH</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1337\" class=\"selectors Switching\">REMOTE LINE - RT LINE SIDE</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1338\" class=\"selectors Switching\">PACKET - DIGITAL PACKET DEVICE</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1339\" class=\"selectors Switching\">CELL RELAY - BROADBAND</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1340\" class=\"selectors Switching\">VIDEO - ANALOG/DIGITAL</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1341\" class=\"selectors Switching\">CELLULAR (MTSO) - BELLBOY CONTROL TERMIN</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1342\" class=\"selectors Switching\">SPECIAL SWITCHING APPLICATIONS - CCS</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1343\" class=\"selectors Switching\">SPECIAL SWITCHING APPL - CONCENTRATOR</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1344\" class=\"selectors Switching\">SPECIAL SWITCHING APPL - TELETYPE SWC SY</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1031\" class=\"selectors Switching\">Cell Relay - Broadband</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1032\" class=\"selectors Switching\">Cellular (MTSO) - Bellboy Control Termin</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1039\" class=\"selectors Switching\">End Office - Remote Switching Systems</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1040\" class=\"selectors Switching\">End Office - Step-by-Step</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1044\" class=\"selectors Switching\">Multi-Function - Combination Switch</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1049\" class=\"selectors Switching\">POI SWITCH CLLI</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1050\" class=\"selectors Switching\">Packet - Digital Packet Device</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1051\" class=\"selectors Switching\">Packet - Packet End Office</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1053\" class=\"selectors Switching\">Remote Line - RT Line Side</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1054\" class=\"selectors Switching\">Remote Switching System</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1056\" class=\"selectors Switching\">Special Switching Appl - Concentrator</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1057\" class=\"selectors Switching\">Special Switching Appl - Teletype Swc Sy</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1058\" class=\"selectors Switching\">Special Switching Applications - CCS</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1059\" class=\"selectors Switching\">Switching</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1061\" class=\"selectors Switching\">Tandem Office - Elec Tandem Pvt Network</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1062\" class=\"selectors Switching\">Tandem Office - Individual Tandem</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1063\" class=\"selectors Switching\">Tandem Office - Opr Svc Tandem/End Offic</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1065\" class=\"selectors Switching\">Tandem Office - Tandem/Switchboard</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1066\" class=\"selectors Switching\">Tandem Office - Tandem/Tandem</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1067\" class=\"selectors Switching\">Video - Analog/Digital</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1257\" class=\"selectors Switching\">Packet End Office</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1258\" class=\"selectors Switching\">Remote Packet End Office</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1259\" class=\"selectors Switching\">Packet Tandem Switch</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1380\" class=\"selectors Switching\">IX Carrier POT</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1395\" class=\"selectors Switching\">Call Agent - CA(x)</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1224\" class=\"selectors Switching\">ACC CKT TERM IN A LEC CENTREX BY AN IC</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1231\" class=\"selectors Switching\">OTHER SWITCHING TERM ENTITIES INCL IMTS</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1375\" class=\"selectors Switching\">IC POT FOR FAC/CKT TERMINATING EQUIPMENT</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1376\" class=\"selectors Switching\">MISC NON-SWITCHING ENTITIES</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1378\" class=\"selectors Switching\">TEST OR SERVICE POSITION</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1391\" class=\"selectors Switching\">CALL AGENT</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1406\" class=\"selectors Switching\">Digital Packet Device - (x) (x) W</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1420\" class=\"selectors Switching\">Digital Packet Device (x)(x)W</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1397\" class=\"selectors Switching\">ATM Switch  BB(x) [overflow B(a)(n)]</option>\n";
    echo " <option value=\"1029\" class=\"selectors Switching\">ATM SWITCH</option>\n";
    echo "                          </select>\n";
    echo "                      </div>\n";
    echo "                  </div>\n";
    echo "              </div>\n";
    echo "          </div>\n";
    echo "      </div>\n";

In the JavaScript, I’ve got a quick function that repopulates the rather long drop-down menu based on the selected category

// Filter strLocTypeID options based on strLocCategory value
$(document).ready(function () {    
    var allOptions = $('#strLocTypeID option')
    $('#strLocCategory').change(function () {
        $('#strLocTypeID option').remove()

        var classN = $('#strLocCategory option:selected').prop('class');
        var optsCat = allOptions.filter('.' + classN);
        $.each(optsCat, function (i, j) {

        var optsAll = allOptions.filter('.All');
        $.each(optsAll, function (i, j) {


Since it‚Äôs possible there are options you‚Äôd want to always appear (in my case, it‚Äôs just the ‚Äú—–‚ÄĚ to indicate no selection has been made ‚Ķ but there could be real items that fall into each category too), I‚Äôve got an ‚ÄúAll‚ÄĚ classification that will get popped onto the top of the list.

Custom Password Filter Update (unable to log on after changing password with custom filter in place)

I had written and tested a custom Active Directory password filter – my test included verifying the password actually worked. The automated testing was to select a UID from a pool, select a test category (good password, re-used password, password from dictionary, password that doesn’t meet character requirements, password containing surname, password containing givenName), set the password on the user id. Record the result from the password set, then attempt to¬†use that password and record the¬†result from the bind attempt. Each test category has an expected result,¬†and any operation where the password set or bind didn’t match the expected results were highlighted. I also included a high precision timer to record the time to complete the¬†password set operation (wanted to verify we weren’t adversely impacting the user experience). Published results, documented the installation and configuration of my password filter, and was done.

Until the chap who was installing it in production rang me to say he couldn’t actually log in using the password he set on the account. Which was odd – I set one and then did an LDAP bind and verified the password. But he couldn’t use the same password to log into a workstation in the test domain. Huh?? I actually knew people who wanted *some* users to be able to log in anywhere and others to be restricted to LDAP-only logons (i.e. web portal stuff) and ended up using the¬†userWorkstations attribute to allow logon to DCs only.

We opened a case with Microsoft and it turns out that their Password Filter Programming Considerations didn’t actually mean “Erase all memory used to store passwords by calling the SecureZeroMemory function before freeing memory.” What they¬†meant was “If you have created copies of the password anywhere within your code, make sure you erase memory used to store those copies by calling SecureZeroMemory …”

Which makes SO much more sense … as the comments in the code I used as our base says, why wouldn’t MS handle¬†wiping the memory? Does it not get cleaned well if you¬†don’t have a custom password filter?? Remarked out the call to SecureZeroMemory and you could use the password on NTLM authentications as well as kerberos!

// MS documentation suggests doing this. I honestly don’t know why LSA
// doesn’t just do this for you after we return. But, I’ll do what the
// docs say…
// LJR – 2016-12-15 Per MS, they actually mean to wipe any COPIES you make
// SecureZeroMemory(Password->Buffer, Password->Length);


I’ve updated my version of the filter and opened an issue on the source GitHub project … but if anyone else is working a custom password filter, following MS’s published programming considerations, and finds themselves unable to¬†use the password they set … see if you are zapping your copies of the password or the¬†PUNICODE_STRING that comes in.

Active Directory: Custom Password Filtering

At work, we’ve never used the “normal” way of changing Windows passwords. Historically, this is because computers were not members of the domain … so you¬†couldn’t use Ctrl-Alt-Del to change your domain password. Now that computers are members of the domain, changing Active Directory passwords¬†using an external method creates a¬†lot of account lockouts. The Windows workstation is logged in using the old credentials,¬†the password gets changed without it knowing (although you¬†can use ctrl-alt-del, lock the workstation unlock with the new password and update the local workstation creds), and the workstation continues using the old credentials and locks the account.

This is incredibly disruptive to business, and quite a burden on the help desk … so we are going to hook the AD-initiated password changes and feed them into the Identity Management platform. Except … the password policies don’t match. But AD doesn’t¬†know the policy on the other end … so the AD password gets changed and then the new password fails to be committed into the IDM system. And then the user gets locked out of something¬†else because they keep trying to use their new password (and it isn’t like a user knows which directory is the back-end authentication source for a web app to use password n in AD and n-1 in DSEE).

A long time ago, back when I knew some military IT folks who were migrating to Windows 2000 and needed to implement Rainbow series compliant passwords in AD Рwhich was possible using a custom password filter. This meant a custom coded DLL that accepted or rejected the proposed password based on custom-coded rules. Never got into the code behind it РI just knew they would grab the DLL & how to register it on the domain controller.

This functionality was¬†exactly what we needed — and Microsoft still has a provision to use a custom password filter.¬†Now all¬†we needed was, well, a custom password filter. The password rules prohibit the use of your user ID, your name, and a small set of words that are globally applied to all users.¬†Microsoft’s passfilt.dll takes care of the first two —¬†although with subtle differences from the IDM system’s¬†rules.¬†So my requirement became a custom password filter that prohibits passwords containing case insensitive substrings¬†from a list of words.

I based my project on¬†OpenPasswordFilter on GitHub — the source code prohibits exact string matches. Close, but not quite ūüôā¬†I modified the program to check the proposed password for case insensitive substrings. I also changed the application binding to localhost from all IP address since there’s no need for the program to be accessed from outside the box. For troubleshooting purposes, I removed the requirement that the binary be run as a service and instead allowed it to be run from a¬†command prompt¬†or as a service. ¬†I’m still adding some more robust error handling, but we’re ready to test! I’ve asked them to baseline changing passwords without the custom filter, using a custom filter that has the banned word list hard coded into the binary, and using a custom filter that sources its banned words list from a text file. Hopefully we’ll find there isn’t a significant increase in the time it takes a user to change their password.

My updated code is available at http://lisa.rushworth.us/OpenPasswordFilter-Edited.zip


Using BC And Command Substitution In OpenHAB’s Exec Binding

My husband has been¬†setting up OpenHAB to control our home automation. Our dimmers¬†are very direct – there’s a z-Wave binding that you set to 100 if you want it at 100%, set it to 18 if you want it at 18%, and so on. We have a handful of Zigbee bulbs, though, which are not so direct. We are controlling these bulbs through a Wink hub by running a curl command with the exec binding.

The OpenHAB exec binding runs a shell with a command string passed in from the -c parameter. Thus far, I have not found anything that runs within a shell not work in the exec binding. This includes command substitution {I personally use the backtick format instead of the $(command) format, but I expect the later to be equally functional}.

What is command substitution (without having to read the Open Group Base Specifications linked above)? If you run

kill `pidof java`

the shell takes the component within the backticks, evaluates it, and then takes the standard output and places that into the command. When “pidof java” returns “938 984 1038”, the command above becomes “kill 938 984 1038”.

We want to set the value to the OpenHab value (0-100) scaled to the Wink value (0-255 for GE Link bulbs) using command substitution with bc (an arbitrary precision calculator language). To evaluate a mathematical expression, echo the expression text and pipe it to bc. To set a bulb to 75% of its maximum brightness, our post data is “nodeId=a&attrId=aprontest -u -m9 -t2 -v`echo 2.55*75/1|bc`”.

Notice the divide by 1 at the end — that’s to turn a decimal value into an integer. If you use just 2.55*75, you post a value of 191.25 which throws an error. In bc’s language, / returns the quotient — this isn’t *rounding* but rather truncating the decimal portion( i.e. bc 9.99999/1 = 9).

We configure the OpenHAB item to take the selected value (the %2$s below), scale the value with bc, and insert the result into the curl command. We use a similar technique to read the data from Wink and present the scaled value through OpenHAB.

The item entry in our sitemap.items file:

Dimmer¬† DS_Pantry_Bulb_Level¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† “Bulb (Pantry Downstairs) [%d]”¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† <slider>¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† (gZigbeeBulb,gDS_Pantry,gLight)¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† { exec=”<[/bin/sh@@-c@@echo `/usr/bin/curl \”http://wink.hub.address/set_dev_value.php\” -s -d \”nodeId=a&attrId=aprontest -l -m9;\”|grep Level|grep -oP \”\\d+\\D+\\K\\d+\\D+\\K\\d+\”` /2.55|bc:3600000:] >[*:/bin/sh@@-c@@/usr/bin/curl \”http://wink.hub.address/set_dev_value.php\” -s -d \”nodeId=a&attrId=aprontest -u -m9 -t2 -v`echo 2.55*%2$s/1|bc`;\”]”}

Parsing JSON In JavaScript

We’ve been trying to get our BloomSky data parsed and reflected in OpenHAB — we can automatically turn the lights on when there is motion *and* the luminescence is lower than some desired value.¬† Bloomsky has an API which allows us to retrieve JSON formatted data from our weather station. I never worked with JSON before – I’d heard the term, but didn’t actually know what it was … but I needed to parse it in a JavaScript transform. Does JavaScript do JSON? D’oh! Turns out JSON is an abbreviation for JavaScript Object Notation, and JavaScript parses JSON data really well.

Still need to turn my example web code into a transform that runs from OpenHAB, but getting values out of a JSON formatted string is as easy as using the “parse” function:

	      function parseMyData() {
		var input = '{"DeviceID":"83237E","LAT":41.226644299999997,"LON":-81.7224322,"ALT":292.78720092773438,"UTC":-4,"DST":1,"Searchable":true,"RegisterTime":1464494138,"CityName":"Hinckley","StreetName":"Bellus Road","FullAddress":"Bellus Road, Hinckley, Ohio, US","DeviceName":"Buzzard Cam 01","BoundedPoint":null,"NumOfFollowers":5,"Data":{"Temperature":80.528000000000006,"ImageURL":"http://storage.googleapis.com/bloomsky-img/eaB1rJytnZSmm5y3qJ1krJqwmJmtoJU=.jpg","Humidity":50,"Night":false,"ImageTS":1465938980,"Luminance":3445,"TS":1465938980,"Rain":false,"Pressure":29.087148500000001,"Voltage":2613,"UVIndex":"1"},"Point":{},"VideoList":["http://storage.googleapis.com/bloomsky-video/eaB1rJytnZSmm5y3_-4_2016-06-09.mp4","http://storage.googleapis.com/bloomsky-video/eaB1rJytnZSmm5y3_-4_2016-06-10.mp4","http://storage.googleapis.com/bloomsky-video/eaB1rJytnZSmm5y3_-4_2016-06-11.mp4","http://storage.googleapis.com/bloomsky-video/eaB1rJytnZSmm5y3_-4_2016-06-12.mp4","http://storage.googleapis.com/bloomsky-video/eaB1rJytnZSmm5y3_-4_2016-06-13.mp4"],"NumOfFavorites":0}'

		var jsonOfInput = JSON.parse(input);

		document.write("<P>Device ID is: " + jsonOfInput.DeviceID + "</P>");
		document.write("<P>Temp is: " + jsonOfInput.Data.Temperature + "</P>");
		document.write("<P>Luminance is: " + jsonOfInput.Data.Luminance + "</P>");
	  <h2>Press the button to start</h2>
	    <input type="button" onclick="parseMyData()" value="Parse"/>