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Artificial Limits on Artificial Intelligence

I cannot say it surprises me that a company that considered “restart it” and “reboot it” to be suitable solutions to a whole host of memory management issues has decided that clearing the history after n interactions with their AI chatbot is the solution to not having it out looking for nuclear codes. From a functional standpoint, I can see where one or two “turns” is probably sufficient for the search engine to produce some salient information or relevant links. But, from a technological standpoint, it seems that an AI that becomes “confused” five or six exchanges into a conversation is vastly problematic; and introducing some artificial limit on the front-end to reset the history (1) eliminates a key feature of learning algorithms by preventing it from “learning” you and (2) is akin to turning your back on a tiger and considering the problem sorted.

Using AI For Lead Qualification & Cost Reduction

Microsoft posted an overview of how they use AI (and a bot) to score leads in their sales process — Microsoft IT Showcase/Microsoft increases sales by using AI for lead qualification. My personal ‘most interesting thing’ is that they’re using scikit-learn in Python for some of the analysis — I’m using similar components in a custom-written spam filter at home. Their idea of running the text through a spell checker first is interesting — I want to try running my e-mails through Aspell and see if there are statistically significant changes in classifications.


They’ve previously detailed reducing energy usage through machine learning — that’s something I’d love to see more companies doing. Energy can be a significant operating cost, and reducing energy use has a positive environmental impact.