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Dictum By Tweet

Leaving aside if Twitter as a platform should be a valid communication method for policy changes in the federal government, the actual content of Trump’s tweet — if we are banning transsexual individuals from serving in the military because of medical expenses … wouldn’t it make more sense to reverse the policy of covering said medical procedures in the military health care plan? While they’re at it — if they want to save money on health care — stop covering all sorts of other non-essential medical care too. Like, say, ED treatments.

Drafts of the non-beer variety

Back when gays were banned from the military, I figured there was either an implied belief that we would never need to draft soldiers again or a big ‘*’ following the ban. Because unless they’re requiring video evidence of your disqualification, I’d happily claim to want to do chicks to avoid becoming cannon fodder. Hell, even if they demand evidence, I would do another chick to avoid being drafted. Became a moot point when the ban was lifted. And then came Trump.

Now trans individuals are banned from the military, can you instantly avoid conscription by claiming to be trans-gendered? The technical definitions I’ve seen are based on internal experiences and feelings – there’s no requirement to undertake reassignment surgery or ingest hormones. Which also brings into question the flimsy “their medical expenses are exorbitant” argument.

Beyond the actual maybe-a-policy-change that has been made, are tweets now considered official statements of government policy?! Or Trump’s got absolutely no intention of actually implementing the policy and just wanted a bunch of bigoted supporters to go back to loving him.