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Notes on Pigs

We’ve been thinking about raising pigs. Most of what we raise is heirloom / endangered species, and animals won’t be any different. I like Gloucestershire Old Spots, but there aren’t any breeders nearby … and I don’t want to drive to Maine to pick up a couple of pigs. I found Tamworths — a heritage breed on the Livestock Conservancy list. And two different breeders in the area — one about an hour away (http://bindelfarms.com/livestock-for-sale.html) and the other near Columbus (https://pauleyrowdyacres.blogspot.com/p/livestock-sales.html).

In case there are too many piglets — the Kidron Auction sells pigs mid-day on Thursdays (although we’d need batteries for the truck to get there with a large pig or a bunch of piglets!)