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Enable OUD Changelog Without Replication Partner

Since the Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition went the way of, well, Sun, we’ve migrated to the Oracle Unified Directory 11g platform for the company’s pure LDAP directory. There is an Oracle Identity Management application that reads the LDAP changelog to ingest user lockout events. In production, our servers replicate with a couple of partners to provide capacity and high availability. In development / sandbox, environments … not so much. But the IDM platform still needs to read the changelog.

Oracle’s documentation tells me to enable replication … which, great, I’ve got to bring up a second, off-port, directory instance and monitor for replication failures just to get a changelog. The site does say “By using this method, you can conceivably set up replication on a standalone server, which will enable you to have access to an ECL on a standalone server.” … conceivably, but it would be nice if they’d mention how. Since all of their documentation for using the dsreplication binary includes a partner server and valid credentials over yonder … that’s a bit of a bust.

But I’ve finally worked out a technique for enabling replication just enough to get the changelog created without having to provide valid credentials on a foreign host with which replication will be established.

./dsconfig -h localhost -p 4444 -D "cn=directory manager" -j ~/pwd.txt -X -n create-replication-server --provider-name 'Multimaster Synchronization' --set replication-port:8989 --set replication-server-id:1 --type generic
./dsconfig -h localhost -p 4444 -D "cn=directory manager" -j ~/pwd.txt -X -n create-replication-domain --provider-name 'Multimaster Synchronization' --set base-dn:o=windstream --set replication-server:localhost:8989 --set server-id:1 --type generic --domain-name o=windstream
Volia, make changes and we’ve got stuff under cn=changelog.