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Poultry Brooding Options

We’re working on building up an outdoor brooding area to hatch and raise chickens and turkeys. The current coop — which seemed so large when we got our first five hens — is too small for raising more birds.

Option #1 is to get a larger coop — we’re looking at a metal shed — that will give us space to frame out two rectangles, cover them with hardware cloth, and have both a nursery with the chicken toaster and a brooder for slightly order birds who are still getting acclimated to the flock. To save floor space, I would make PVC tube feeders and waterers. The brooder could be brought outside into the pasture to serve as a baby bird tractor, too.

Option #2 is to build out a nursery and brooder on the side of the existing coop. This could even be insulated to ensure the baby guys are extra toasty. This probably would have a hinged roof so we could access the baby guys from outside of the coop.

Chicken Brooder Setup – Water and Heat

The heater that I ordered from Amazon for the baby chickens was a dud — I’ve got to send it back tomorrow. I ordered a different heater — both are like heating pads on legs to allow the chickens to huddle under it like a mommy hen.

We got the first bag of starter food along with a feeder and water container. While the water container is designed to prevent drowning, Anya read about putting rocks into the water tray in her chicken keeping book … so we gathered too-big-for-a-chicken-to-swallow stones, washed them, and have them in the water tray for extra safety.