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ORC Hunting – Message to State Rep

Quick message to my new state rep trying to get airgun hunting legalized here for large game:


Good Afternoon!
Congratulations on taking office yesterday.

ORC presently does not allow for hunting deer with air guns. With smaller air guns, that makes sense from an ethical hunting standpoint (same reason, I assume, a minimum draw weight is defined for archery). But there are rather powerful air guns available — and I’d love to be able to hunt deer with something like an 50-cal AirForce Texan CF. There are other states that permit hunting big game with an air gun — and I’d encourage you to see about getting similar legislation enacted in Ohio.

Thank you for your time,

Air Venturi Avenger Tuning Tests

We tested various regulator pressure and hammer spring combinations to see where we get the best accuracy. Using 19.91 grain H&N Barracuda Green pellets. Looks like 1200 psi with the hammer spring two turns in wins.

1200 psi:

Hammer spring at 1 turn:

Left side of top right target has hammer spring at 2 turns.

Right side of top right target has hammer spring at 3 turns.

1400 psi:

Hammer spring at 2 turns.

Hammer spring at 3 turns

1800 psi:

Hammer spring at 1 turn

The Avenger, Part 2

Our Avenger has been a bummer — one of the two cartridges didn’t work out of the box. It doesn’t advance after a shot. You can disassemble the cartridge and tension the spring. Unfortunately, the gun loses about 500 psi overnight! There are a few other problems too — front rail wobbles even when tightened, the barrel shroud slid forward about 1/8″ and has oil leaking from it. We’ll be getting a replacement early next week.


The Avenger

Our new gun arrived today! Ordered a 25 caliber Air Venturi Avenger on Monday. It had a bit of a side trip heading east, but a really helpful fellow at FedEx seems to have gotten us sorted and our package resumed its westward journey.

We added a brick of putty to the stock since it’s incredibly front-heavy otherwise. One of the two cartridges seems to have a spring issue — it doesn’t advance unless you remove and re-insert the cartridge. Luckily, it comes with two … so we’ve got a functional one. It’s assembled, pumped up, and we got fourteen shots in before it was too dark. We’ll finish getting it sited in tomorrow.