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Reducing Customer Service Calls Wait Time

As we finally managed to get through the Chase IVR only to be told that the expected wait time is ten minutes … in addition to the eight minutes we’ve already spent trying to convince their IVR that we didn’t need to pay our bill or check out balance, I wonder how feasible it would be to drop the caller into the CS rep queue when the call is first answered, let them spend some of their hold time telling the IVR what exactly they need (possibly moving their placeholder to another queue if, say, they seem to want tech support and not general CS), and either deleting the placeholder because the caller’s problem actually got resolved by the computer or adding a “ready to talk” attribute to the placeholder so the call is ready to transfer out to the next available agent. Bummer that I haven’t done IVR call route development in decades because I’d love to prototype that logic and see if it actually works (it’s possible we’d just end up with hundreds of pointers to people who are still navigating the IVR instead of actually reducing wait times).