55 Days of Grilling: Day 5

Tonight, we made turkey, spinach, feta burgers with fresh rolls. The rolls were my usual dough recipe (4c flour, 1T yeast, 1T sugar, 1t salt, 1T oil/butter, 1/2c wheat gluten) with a six hour rise time in a warm oven followed by a really short rise time after shaping and an egg wash. Cooked at 375 for 15 minutes — could have used an extra minute or two.

The burgers were ~1.5 lbs ground turkey, 1/4 large red onion chopped, 1 package frozen chopped spinach (defrosted with water squeezed out), 2t salt, 1t pepper, 6 oz feta, 2 eggs (minus what was used for the egg wash on my rolls), seranno chillis, and about 1/2c panko. Grilled about 5 minutes each side at a high temp. Very good — may want to try adding mustard to burger mix next time.

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