Did you know … you can redirect custom URLs to Microsoft Forms?

Microsoft Forms provides a simple framework for creating surveys and polls which can be distributed either to internal users or made publicly available. Including your Form URL in an a href tag is one way to avoid trying to communicate the super-long Form URL … but if you’re looking for a ‘pretty’ URL, something that can be included in print media or provided to someone verbally, you can redirect custom URLs to your Form URL.

Generally, hosting a forwarding URL requires a web server; but URL-shortening services should work. To use a web server, you’ll need to configure a site (or path from a site) to serve an HTTP redirect. I am using 302 (temporary) redirection instead of 301 (permanent redirection) in case I want to forward my custom URL to a different Form.

Apache config

Use the “Redirect” directive in your virtual host config:

     ServerName customsite.example.com
     ServerAlias customsite.example.com customsite
     Redirect / https://forms.office.com/Pages/DesignPage.aspx#FormID=wbRnJe2w9UCu41....

IIS Config

In the IIS management utility, navigate to your website and select “HTTP Redirect”.

Check the box to redirect requests and paste in your Forms URL. Check the box to redirect all requests to the exact destination.

When your site is accessed, the browser receives the HTTP redirect and displays your Form.


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