Did you know … that you can recover a deleted Teams channel?

Oh no, I didn’t mean to delete THAT!!! Sure, it asked me five times if I was sure that I was sure … and maybe that’s part of the problem – I see so many “are you sure” messages that I click OK a little too easily. Well, they say to err is human. And I must be exceptionally human ? Sometimes recovering my data requires a sheepish call to the Help Desk. But did you know you can recover deleted Teams channels?

I used the hamburger menu next to a channel to delete it. Oops!

I even read the first few words of the “are you sure” dialogue before clicking the “Delete” button. Except … oops! I didn’t want to delete that channel!

You can recover the channel immediately, all by yourself. Even if you’re not a team owner. From the hamburger menu next to the team, select “Manage team”.

On the Team management page, select “Channels”. You can expand “Deleted” and see the channel you just removed. Click “Restore”

Yet another prompt … click “Restore” again.

Voila, the channel is back. Along with all its content. Whew!

Just because channel recovery is self-service doesn’t mean no one will know that you’ve mis-clicked. The channel deletion event which appears in the “General” channel … well, it’s still there. You can up-vote a request for enhancement on Microsoft’s site … but it’s not like no one will every know about your mistake.  

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