Buzzard Cam — Almost There!!

We got our BloomSky!!! There has been a lot of snow, and it is very cold. We shoveled our driveway on Sunday hoping there’d be some melting today & delivery vehicles would be able to get up our hill. Then we got another two or three inches of snow overnight. Scott and Anya did some shoveling and put a large plastic box at the bottom of the driveway … and they actually delivered packages to the large plastic box. WooHoo!

The Buzzard Cam is almost ready! Right now it’s inside — so it looks like you could take a tropical holiday in Hinckley because it’s 65 degrees on our window 🙂 But we’ve got the network set up, the device registered, and can upload data. We’ll get the device mounted up outside on Friday or Saturday when it’s not so cold and snowy.



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