Primary Elections In Ohio

This is mostly a note for myself, but if anyone else in Ohio is currently an unaffiliated voter who wants to cast a primary ballot for a party, you can switch party affiliation at your polling location by asking for the party ballot. Since you did not cast a ballot for that party in the previous primary (I’ve used the non-party issues ballot for the past few years. In Arkansas, you did not have to be party-affiliated to use a party’s primary ballot), you may be challenged by the poll worker. If that is the case, tell them you wish to switch parties and would like to complete the appropriate form.

Per Ohio Revised Code 3513.20, this is the proper process *provided that you “support the principals of the political party whose ballot” you vote*. Political party principals are *really* generic (and don’t specify the specifics to reach those goals) – not a lot of people who want more crime, think primary education is a bunch of nonsense, wish there was more unemployment, and so on. Really, even long time party members disagree about how to reach a goal and how¬†well an individual candidate reflects the principals of their party … so not liking a specific policy implementation does not negate my support for the PRINCIPALS of the party.

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