Feeding Baby Turkeys

I figured out a good way to feed somewhat spry turkey poults — the really weak ones, we used a q-tip or pipette to feed … but the one that is walking around and doing turkey things. Well, some turkey things but not the ‘eating’ and ‘drinking’? I mixed the baby turkey chow (turkey & game bird starter) with some of the electrolyte water to make a mush. Then I put a little bit of the mush on my finger-tip. Spry baby turkeys love to peck at your fingertip. You can move your finger toward the bowl of mush, lower it into the mush, and get them to eat from the bowl. Even if they just eat the mush from your fingertip — they’re getting food and liquid.

Anya found another way to lure the turkey to its food — basically the cat / laser pointer game. We have a laser temperature gun, and she pointed the light onto the floor of the brooder. And moved the light as the little guy chased after it. When the light settles into the food or water, they’ll peck at it. You have to be careful not to get the laser light into its eye!

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