I keep seeing that this is a “center right” country, but the election results we’re seeing make me question this analysis. I see ‘center right’ as an average without a standard deviation. If it’s 70 degrees every day, the average temp is 70. If it’s 100 degrees half of the year and 40 the other half, the average temp both places is moderate; but that average hides the two different realities. It’s the standard deviation that shows you how representative an average *is*.
If there were a low standard deviation on center-right, then the Democratic party’s would make sense — you’re pretty close to their moderate position, so earning your vote is possible. If there’s a high standard deviation, there’s no appealing to “the other side” — you’re task is to energize people on “your side”, get them enthusiastic about voting, get them engaged in getting their friends out voting.

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