GPO Changes Not Reflected On Computer

A year or three ago, we had set up a group policy to display logon information in the Windows welcome screen — last logon time, information about any bad passwords since your last successful logon. It’s nice, but you are unable to log in if the information is unavailable. So we disabled the setting (just clearing a GPO setting doesn’t always remove the config from anywhere it’s already set … you’ve got to change to the desired setting). Aaaaand … one server still shows the logon info. Or, more accurately, fails to display it and prevents the domain account from logging on. Luckily it’s a member computer and we can just log in with local accounts.

I thought about just editing the local computer policy (which would have priority anyway) to disable the logon info, but the computer policy could not be opened. It threw a strange access denied error. I could edit the local user policy. Just not the computer policy.

It seems that the local computer policy got corrupted. After deleting registry.pol from c:\Windows\System32\GroupPolicy\Machine … I am able to modify the local computer security policy. GPO settings from the domain are also applied as expected. WooHoo! I can sign in using domain IDs again!

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