Did you know … Microsoft Teams will mute your microphone when joining a large meeting?

Several offices ago I sat across from a L.O.U.D talker. A loud talker who was constantly on a conference call. I’d try to remember to mute my line before joining a bridge but didn’t always remember. Random background noise isn’t so bad when you’re about to talk to two or three close colleagues, but background noise becomes inundating when the twenty-something people in my department all join a bridge.

Microsoft Teams helps you avoid a deluge of background noise in your call. When you join a “large” meeting –more than five people already in the meeting – your microphone is muted as you join. A notification is displayed prior to joining the meeting to remind you the microphone will be muted.

You can click the microphone button in the meeting control bar to un-mute your microphone and begin speaking.



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    YOUSEF AHMAD says:

    Although I am the owner and the students are members, yet, my students can MUTE me anytime. I wonder why and how do they do that and how I can resolve this issue. It’s a headache to me. Please help.

    Y. Ahmad

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