New Dress Projects

I’ve got two more dress projects starting — one is in the “picking fabrics and such” stage, the other is almost ready to be sewn.

First the picking fabrics one — this is another pattern from the Simple Life Pattern Company (who published the pattern for the V-back dresses I just finished). There are two looks that I like for this dress – one is two contrasting solid color fabrics. The other uses two patterned fabrics. I’m leaning toward the two pattern look … thought it might be a little more “fun” that way.

The second is a pattern from Oliver & S that I purchased almost two years ago. And promptly discovered that my sewing skills needed quite a bit of improvement. I’ve now managed to do all of the skills in the dress … so hoping it’ll turn out nicely. I got a white linen fabric for the dress and a marbled maroon for the bias strips.

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