The Eventual Collapse

I’ve often pondered the eventual collapse of civilization — the zombie apocalypse, climate catastrophe, coordinated EMP strikes. Whatever the cause, most people depend on external sources for that which is most critical for life. City water, grocery stores, fuel, climate control systems, clothing stores. How can someone who isn’t a doomsday prepper successfully navigate the change?

I’ve always envisioned a distinct inflection point — one minute there’s a power company, food distribution system, repair services, communication services … then there’s not. But watching the creation of the Chapel Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) … I think this is a glimpse of the future. Short coordinated EMP strikes on a global scale, anything that precipitates the collapse of the government will be slow. And … I’ve always thought a community banding together to pool resources (and build a really big zombie-proof wall) would be the most effective approach. It makes sense that these communities would take over some set of resources they need. Now, I wouldn’t pick the police station. I’d go for lots of land with ample water — preferably a working farm with equipment and animals. Acquire solar, wind mills, battery arrays, and electric motors (need to convert the farm equipment and vehicles to electricity). Shortwave radio. And, if I was particularly lucky, a decent rack of servers.

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