Shadowing Remote Desktop Sessions – Windows 2016

You need the session ID of the console you want to remote control. How do you get this? Log into the server under your ID and run “query session” in a command prompt – the session ID is in the “ID” column. Yes there are a lot of ways to do this. Ask the person you want to remote control to run quser, add the ‘session ID’ column to task manager, etc.

I am e0082643, which makes my session ID 40.

The person who wants to control the session needs to run mstsc with the /shadow option. You need to run mstsc as a user that is an administrator on the target host.

Run: mstsc /v:hostname /shadow:# /control

e.g. mstsc / /shadow:40 /control

The session being controlled will see a control request – click ‘yes’ and the session will be shadowed. Click ‘no’ and it won’t.


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