Tableau – Data Source Connection Info and Workbooks

I think I finally have a query that links workbooks where data sources are used and the connection information from the data_connections table!

-- Query to find all data sources and where they are used
,,, datasources.created_at, datasources.updated_at, datasources.db_class, datasources.db_name, datasources.site_id
, data_connections.server, data_connections.dbclass
, as SiteName, as ProjectName, as WorkbookName
from datasources
left outer join data_connections on data_connections.datasource_id =
left outer join users on = datasources.owner_id
left outer join system_users on users.system_user_id =
left outer join sites on datasources.site_id =
left outer join projects on datasources.project_id =
left outer join workbooks on datasources.parent_workbook_id =
order by

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