Windows 10 Tablet Mode

Now I know the *right* answer is “don’t let your four year old randomly click stuff on your computer” … which is an extension of “don’t let your cat walk/sleep on your keyboard” (a maxim I could never convince my mom was a good rule for computer usage). But I booted my Windows 10 computer to find I no longer had a desktop. I’ve got some theme-colored background with a couple of icons. I can go to all apps. I can get into settings and all sorts of things.

Not a Windows desktop:

And I didn’t even know what this thing was called to Google how to get rid of it. A bunch of random clicking later, and I’ve discovered Windows 10 has a “tablet mode”. Which was turned on – and just like I could never figure out how a sleeping cat managed to hit the three-key command required to rotate an Intel graphics card display by 90º, I have no clue how Anya’s gotten into this particular mode. Luckily it’s easy to undo (click it to turn it off); voila, I’ve got a desktop again.

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