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Black Spanish Hatching Eggs for Sale

We have fertilized eggs from our purebred heritage Black Spanish turkeys for sale — $10 each. There are dozens of eggs in our incubators, and now we have surplus fertilized eggs available. We will have poults available in a few weeks, too. If you are interested in purchasing poults or eggs, contact us.

Our turkeys are pastured daily and supplemented with non-GMO feed. The adult turkeys were great parents – even the male turkeys guarded the baby turkeys during the day and snuggled the baby turkeys to keep them warm at night. Our turkeys are very friendly — the toms get territorial in spring when the hens are laying, but we handle the turkeys daily and our daughter plays with them regularly.

Black Spanish turkeys, also known as Norfolk Black, are a direct descendant of Mexican turkeys brought to Europe by early explorers. The European turkeys were brought back to the northeastern US and bred with local wild turkeys — voila, Black Spanish turkeys! We chose to raise Black Spanish turkeys because breed is listed as “Threatened” by the Livestock Conservancy. Unlike the modern broad-breasted turkey options, these guys would rather forage in the field than sit eating (expensive!) feed.

Our eggs are collected multiple times daily and stored in a cool, dark location ready for incubation.